Thug Sheriff and His Gang Just Threatened All of Us
by Kevin Dunn. Written and Posted on April 11, 2017

Lake County, Florida, Sheriff Peyton C. Grinnell has just told all of us what's really happening with the police. He has confirmed what I have been saying on this website

Here is his video.

'We are coming for you. Run.' - FL Sheriff delivers message to drug dealers



Here is a photo of his presentation where he is flanked on both sides by his deputies who are completely dressed in black including full head and face masks that only have an opening for their eyes. These thugs are wearing sunglasses to conceal their eyes as well.


I see the evil. Do you?

From this article Hey Voters......... Have You Figured It Out Yet?

"What does the color black represent?

1. Intimidation. Hitler's Gestapo wore black.
2. Judgment. Judges wear black. They condemn people.
3. Death. The executioner wore black in times gone by.
4. Death. The undertaker wore black in times gone by.

Do you imagine that painting police vehicles black is just an accident? Not even close. You ARE seeing a CONSPIRACY happening right in front of you, even if you don't have the awareness to recognize it and understand it."

Whenever you see the police wearing black uniforms or driving black vehicles, you should KNOW that you ARE seeing a police agency that is already BAD or is in the process of sliding down the slope into a completely degenerate state of being.

Even children understand this truth about the color of clothing
Can you tell who is good and who is bad in this 1939 movie?

Wicked Witch of the West - The Wizard Of Oz



Not too hard to figure out who is what in that clip, is it?

Why do ADULTS struggle to see and understand what is clearly being shown and told to ALL of us by these SCUM police chiefs and sheriffs?

I answered that question too, in Hey Voters......... Have You Figured It Out Yet?  http://www.kissyourillusionsgoodbye.com/articles-33/Hey-Voters-Have-You-Figured-It-Out-Yet-9318

"People are voting for their EMPLOYEES, right? Aren't the American People the bosses? If they aren't the bosses, why does anyone vote? If they are the bosses, why do they allow their employees to tell them what to do? Why do the employees make all the rules and laws?

Can any of you explain that for us?
I can explain it. In fact, I just told you. Brainwashing.

We have ALL been brainwashed our entire lives by the New World Order controlled governments that lie to us constantly, the "News" media that lies to us constantly, the public "education" systems that lie to children and persuade then to accept all manner of perversion, the TV shows and movies are intentionally created to alter our thoughts and perceptions of reality and gives us permission to behave badly because "everyone is doing it".

We are ALL under attack every day. There really is a war raging for our minds and it's getting worse. You WILL do what you have been conditioned to do. The advertisements on TV aren't there because they have no effect on us. They are very effective and so is the TV programming. People will deny that TV programming means exactly what it says, which is the active attempt to alter our perceptions and our behaviours through showing us and telling us things in such a way that most people don't even know that it's happening. The same people who will deny that TV programming is real will also admit that computer programming does exist. It's exactly the same word with exactly the same meaning."

Sheriff Peyton C. Grinnell is SCUM.

He is brainwashing the people who work for him. (COME ON!!! 4 deputies dressed completely in black uniforms and they can't figure out that THEY ARE the BAD GUYS?)

He is brainwashing his BOSSES (the People who live in that county ARE his bosses)

He is brainwashing every person who sees that video.

Here is a video showing officers of the Arizona Highway Patrol (my former employer) who are wearing BLACK shirts and jackets that say "State Trooper". The Arizona Highway Patrol is in the process of sliding down the slope into a completely degenerate state of being. They ARE becoming a New World Order police agency. Do the officers see it?

This is how things change SLOWLY, so as not to completely startle the public or the officers into fully realizing what is happening right in front of them. Notice the highway patrolmen are still wearing TAN colored pants, which is the color of the normal highway patrol uniform.

You will see the same slow transition in how the Arizona Highway Patrol is replacing the OLD "Highway Patrol" markings to the NEW "State Trooper" markings. When an OLD "Highway Patrol" vehicle is replaced, the NEW vehicle says "State Trooper" with a completely different vehicle color and design.

Slowly, eh? Don't go too fast with any changes to alert and scare the brainwashed cops or the trusting public into understanding what's REALLY happening.

I-17 near Flagstaff reopens after carjacking, shooting



Here is a video to help you to remember the days gone by and what we are living today.

Evolution of the Police State (Then & Now)



What happened????

Everything is about Culture Creation. Everything.

Culture Creation starts at the top. Always.

It's the power structure that supplies the drugs and creates the drug smugglers and the dealers that SCUM Sheriff Peyton C. Grinnell is claiming to be "fighting" as he turns the Lake County Sheriff's Office into the NAZI Gestapo.

Did you read this? The "War on Drugs" is a War on America

America's Biggest Drug Dealer is the CIA

It's the power structure that supplies the music that encourages bad behaviour.

Hell's Bells 2 in 8 parts

Foundations for Cultural Analysis



Sound and Fury

Music's Spiritual Connection

The Occult History of Rock

Rebellion, Nihilism and Death

Satanic Sex and Rock-n-Roll

Rock's Ultimate Rebellion

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

It's the power structure that controls the movies and the TV shows that influences people to behave badly. That includes brainwashed cops who dress in black uniforms and drive black patrol cars.

Look at what has happened to America at the hands of the people at the top. They are destroying America.

What Happened to Children



I will repeat what I already said at the beginning of this article.

"We are ALL under attack every day. There really is a war raging for our minds and it's getting worse. You WILL do what you have been conditioned to do. The advertisements on TV aren't there because they have no effect on us. They are very effective and so is the TV programming."

Stop believing the LIARS.

I showed you exactly how I was lied to by my employer, the Arizona Highway Patrol, in the article Arizona is "Dog Training" Drivers concerning the OK City bombing in 1995.

Nothing has gotten better. I won't believe ANY police chief or sheriff. EVER.

I suggest that you don't believe them either.

As always, trust God and trust the King James Bible.




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