The Enforcers Are Destroying America by Kevin Dunn
Written and posted on April 26, 2013

It should come as no surprise to the people who have read my previous articles about being banned from internet forums, that I have once again been banned for speaking out against the obvious tyranny that is taking place in this country. This time, I must have really hit a home run, because I have just been banned for life in a forum for talking about the absolutely detestable behaviour of the Boston Police Department and the other police agencies that have been terrorizing those communities under the banner of serving and protecting them after the Boston Marathon bombing.

This particular forum is owned by a person who has stated that both his brother and father are/were deputies and he won't tolerate "Cop and or Military bashing".

Now think about that policy for a moment. He is denying people the ability to express honest complaints about entire groups of people, regardless of the obvious wrongs committed by some people within those groups. His policy, if applied to the police in the real world, is saying that if a good cop sees another cop committing a crime, the good cop should remain silent. His policy is saying that all cops are the same and saying anything against one cop is the same thing as saying something against *ALL* cops. I wonder where he got that idea?

Does he think of his father and his brother as "one size fits all" deputies and that they have nothing unique and special to offer their communities?. Does he think that if they were not wearing those uniforms, then somebody else would be wearing those uniforms and that it would not make the slightest difference? Does he not realize that his policy has reduced his father and brother to mere cogs in a wheel or "parts are parts"? He has reduced his father and brother to cookie cutter cops who have no value beyond the uniforms that they fill, just as if they came off some assembly line.

The forum owner has dishonored his own father and brother with his poorly conceived policy by ignoring whatever special attributes they each possess as people while serving their communities. In the wake of political correctness, he has not allowed his father and brother to rise or fall in the eyes of the public based on their own merits and deeds. He is saying.... "a cop is a cop is a cop" and he will not tolerate any honest dissent that says otherwise.

Does this forum owner believe that the police and the military can do no wrong? If all cops are just the same, why does every police agency have an internal affairs section that investigates other police?

This shortsighted thinking by the forum owner is not just limited to his superficial view of the entire group of police as being above reproach by the forum readers, but he lacks the understanding of what function the police and military REALLY serve in this system called "government". His Pollyanna view of the world is dangerous to all of us, if we choose to accept his limitations on our thinking and what we can share with others in the forum.

Has the forum owner stopped to consider that this entire country operates under the very real threat of physical force being used by the police and the military to enforce the New World Order? While the politicians write the "laws" and the courts interpret and handout rulings based on those "laws", it is the police who have the real power in the matter. If the police can think well and they wisely choose not to enforce  every piece of garbage law, then the government has less power over the American People. If the police and military are slow thinkers who will blindly obey anything that they are told, then they are *ONLY* the stuffed shirts that the forum owner is protecting with his brainwashed policy.

The forum allows people to express dissatisfaction with the politicians and the courts, but the politicians and the courts are *ONLY* paper tigers. They are comprised of mostly out of shape, old men and women who claim special power to dictate to the American People how things will be, despite the vast majority of the American People disapproving of some of those dictates. So much for the illusion of "Representative Government".

The politicians and the courts have no REAL power themselves to enforce their personal demands on the American People while claiming that it's "the Law", but they do have the ability to hire young, fit men and women who will be commanded to physically threaten the American People into complying with whatever they are told is "the Law". This would not necessarily be a bad thing *if* the politicians and the courts REALLY served the American People and *ONLY* created "Laws" that keep the peace and tranquility and allowed people to live their lives as each person chooses for him/herself, provided that other people are not adversely affected by those choices.

Here is an example of a good "Law". When driving down the highway, people will always drive on the right side of the road. That law serves and protects everyone. Nobody has to guess if someone will be driving in their lane and coming directly at them as they come around a blind curve or over the crest of a hill. Everyone knows that if we all stay to the right, we will all be safe from hitting each other. (expect the unexpected anyway).

How many good "laws"are there? Not many of them. Most of the "Laws" are about controlling us and limiting us rather than protecting and serving us, especially after 9-11.

So what got me banned "for life"? Here is part of a thread where I was questioning the veracity of a photo of some injured people after the Boston Bombing. That thread was completely removed from the forum when I was banned because it spoke the truth, and the forum does not exist for people to learn the truth. The forum wants people dumb and compliant while pretending to be a place for the free sharing of information.

Also, threads about Chris Dorner and the LAPD completely disappeared along with MANY other threads. Anything that is deemed to be challenging any "official story" about the New World Order takeover of the USA through the use of the police against the American People is removed from the forum as if it never existed. The forum is simply an arm of the satanic power structure that is running this country while pretending to offer people the opportunity to share knowledge and information.

Anyway....... here is part of what I said in that thread:

"I agree that your linked article puts into serious doubt the possibility that these people are crisis actors.

What is the cost to me for doubting the validity of the situation involving these people as depicted in the video and picture posted by the OP? What penalty will I incur for doubting this particular situation? Anything?

What are we to learn from all of this?

Does this mean that the "official story" has not changed multiple times?

Does this mean that the top brass of the Boston Police Dept did not deploy countless police officers in full combat gear and deploy armored assault vehicles to capture one suspect?

Does this mean that the top brass of the Boston PD did not send forth police officers in full combat gear to search residences as shown in this video while claiming to be protecting and serving the community?

SWAT team with guns drawn kicks Watertown residents from their home




Does this mean that the crisis actor in my previous video about the Sandy Hook shooting really was a concerned parent who lost his child?

Robbie Parker Fake Actor Sandy Hook Shooting




Nobody gets everything right. If I am wrong about this situation, what is my penalty?

If I am wrong about this situation, what harm has been done to anyone due to my mistake?

Being mistaken about something happens to everyone.

Being mistaken while "taking action" against other people is what does the harm. The USA government has sent the USA military to foreign lands to take action against people who have never done anything to us. Millions of innocent people have been murdered by the USA because people are taking action while not knowing that they are mistaken to trust the USA government.

I encourage everyone to own at least one firearm to defend themselves but I have never encouraged anyone to take action against anyone. When it comes to self defense, people will know when it's time to act on their own.

This has been a good opportunity to show people that being wrong about something does not mean doing wrong.

Romans 12:18 If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

I see the evil all around me and yet I don't take action in a physical way while being prepared for the possibility of physically defending myself.

I do take action by posting information in the forum.

So...... what are we to learn from all of this?"


and then, after another person made a disagreeable comment, I responded

"Boston and what was happening there? Total.... COMPLETE...... over the top FABRICATION of what REAL police work looks like. But stand by...... this will be happening all around the country very soon now."

That comment is what got me banned for life, and yet it is the truth. I will be updating this website with more information that will hopefully tie things together in a more clear manner, now that the forum has decided to deprive the readers of honest information by banning me. The forum cares more about me speaking reverently about the police than they do about me helping the other readers to understand the truth. The forum knows that I'm a retired Arizona Highway Patrolman, but I guess I'm just not touchy feely enough about an entire group of people who were hired to serve their communities, but chose to terrorize them instead. Those officers in Boston behaved just like a person would expect an enemy to act. They all participated in those detestable acts simply because their New World Order controlled chain of command told them to do it. Boston is what Nazi Germany looked like in the early days.

What did that video of Boston PD raiding that home show you? It showed me that those officers value their own safety more than they value the safety of the people that they were hired to serve and protect.

The Pentagon is the enemy of the American People.

Some of you may be gasping for air after you read that statement, but it's true. Here is just one source of information with many more if you look.

Homeland Defense: The Pentagon Declares War on America

For people who don't understand the expression Pentagon troll, here is some information.

Veterans outraged over new warfare medal

Veterans are outraged by the new Distinguished Warfare Medal

I know that many of the Pentagon trolls from the forum will be coming here to read this article and I just want to say hello to them. You people made things entertaining. While I won't be commenting in that forum anymore, my memories of our good times will still keep me laughing far into the future.

I made relatively few comments in the forum threads, but the threads that I did comment in, received a great deal of attention from the readers. I shared information and the truth with the readers, things that are very rare in the forum. The people who do share linked information in the forum receive buckets full of nasty comments for their troubles. That type of thing keeps most people from saying anything, but I enjoyed receiving nasty comments. It made the forum fun for me as I made the Pentagon trolls look like the ignorant deceivers that they are.

So let this be a warning to people. If you are in a forum, the Pentagon "cyber warriors" (trolls) will be happy to beat you up and kick you around if you start posting the type of things that I post. For you, it might not be so fun, but for me...... what a hoot!

Here are a few videos to get you thinking about what the police are becoming and who they are REALLY serving. Here's a hint.... they are not serving you. If they were serving you, they would REFUSE to participate in things like that obvious New World Order takeover drill in Boston while claiming that they were looking for a single suspect. Those cops are mostly young people who have been brainwashed their entire lives by video games and TV shows and movies that have the "heroes" acting like thugs in police uniforms. The Boston police followed that brainwashing perfectly.

Systematic House-to-House Raids in Locked-Down Watertown, Massachusetts

SWAT TEAM searching Houses in Watertown Boston Mass (military involved)

Look at the military in that video. Have you seen the videos of what the people in Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering at the hands of the US military, which has no business being there in those countries in the first place? Well standby...... Boston is just a sample of what's coming. What goes around comes around. The American people have allowed the US military to do these things around the world to innocent people and now it's coming here.

4,000 Manchester College students locked down as SWAT teams look for CCW




Watch these next 2 videos and tell me who the REAL terrorists are. LAPD has a very dark history. The LAPD chief calling Chris Dorner a domestic terrorist should be an eye opener for all of us. He is setting the stage for anyone to be called a domestic terrorist by the government in the near future.

LAPD declares murder suspect Christopher Dorner a "Domestic Terrorist"

Police shoot dozens of rounds at innocent women driving vehicle similar to Dorner's




Police Officer slaps and beat U.S Soldier




Sen. Rand Paul: I'm Not Against Using Drones To Find Criminals

I have not reached the point where I think that most police officers are willfully destroying America and themselves in the process, but there is a definite push that is being orchestrated by the top brass of the police and the military to bring in martial law and a total dictatorship. The police and the military have a choice here, but how many of them will say no to their chain of command when ordered to participate in these tyrannical events?

Everyone is being conditioned in this process. The police officers are being conditioned to behave like thugs rather than PEACE OFFICERS. The public is being trained to accept this sort of behaviour from the government. The government is tweaking it's New World Order takeover plan based on what reactions that they see happening between the police and the American People as the police abuse the public while claiming that it's for public safety.

A person needs to ask..... why did Chris Dorner start attacking the police? Forget about what the New World Order controlled media told us about his motives or what all of the "experts" were chirping about concerning the reasons why. What was the REAL reason? Why did LAPD and other police agencies respond so intensely to the point that police officers were shooting at the occupants of vehicles that *ONLY* looked like the one that Dorner was driving? What did Chris Dorner see and know about the LAPD that we don't know? Why was he so angry and why was his focus directed at the LAPD instead of the entire community?

After watching those above videos with SWAT treating innocent people like enemies instead of their employers, did that make you angry? It makes me angry and greatly concerned, although I have been warning people that this was coming for years now. I have been telling everyone to own a fiream to defend themselves. GET A GUN!

I really don't care who comes to mug me or why they claim to be doing it. If a person is mugging me, uniforms and claimed authority don't mean anything to me. If I won't allow a street thug to mug me, I see no reason to allow anyone from the "government" to mug me in the same way. A mugging is a mugging, no matter what costume the mugger is wearing.

I have God given rights that no government can deny me. If the government decides to use muggers against me, then those muggers deserve the same level of attention as any street thug.

Romans 12:18 If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

Police and military.... the 2nd beast of Revelation 13, commonly known as the USA government and *ALL* of it's state and local associates, is trying to use you as their "official" muggers to bring in the New World Order. Are you going to allow them to turn your good intentions into acts of tryanny and unjustified violence and terrorism against innocent people because your chain of command ordered you to do it?

Choose wisely. The Biblical endtimes are here and now. Here is a series of videos to show you that the endtimes are here. Forget about *ALL* human activity in the entire world as you watch these videos. Forget about all of the wars and all of the "terrorists" and every other DRAMA in the fake "news" and just watch and see what nature is telling you.

Extreme Weather Events and Prophetic Events

Choose wisely, military and police. If you don't pay in this life for your violent acts against innocent people, then you will certainly pay in the next life. That next life is almost here.

There are many....many.... MANY other enforcers that I have not included in this article, but I will get around to talking about them as well. They include the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, and more. The enforcers are destroying this nation and people like the forum owner don't want us to talk about it, but I'm going to talk about it anyway. The end is near.

As always, trust God and trust the King James Bible.




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