Malignant Grip Of A Satanic Cult


The Voting System is a fraud sold to the public to give them the illusion of choice = mental stronghold or brainwashing.

The same goes for the two-party set-up. Democrats and Republicans. Back and forth. Two sides of the same coin. The mental stronghold or brainwashing has convinced us that a 2 party system exists. It does not exist.

The political system is an illusion to keep people in bondage. Most people fight to defend the very beliefs which are established by the controllers.

Brainwashing and propaganda = strongholds. When we receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, God starts to pull down strongholds (brainwashing) that exist in our minds.

2 Corinthians 10:3-5: For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,

The Word of God tears down strongholds.


It makes no difference which of the political parties wins the election. The powers that promote tyranny have firm control of the elected officials. Soon, history will repeat itself.

The world is in the malignant grip of a satanic cult.

Anyone who still votes AT ALL.......... does NOT understand the system.


Voting machine vote-rigging backdoor exposed



















The courts are a fraud. The US Constitution is dead.

What laws are the courts enforcing?



EVERY law that has been written since 1933 is unconstitutional. The law is maritime law and/or UCC = Uniform Commercial Code.

What does "uni" mean? Uni = One. One World Order.

Police officers wear uni-forms. They are clones of each other.
The military is the same.

Uni = One World Govt
Uni = One World Economy
Uni = One World Religion
Uni = One World Military
Uni = One World Police Force.

ALL of the Top Brass in America's police agencies belong to the same New World Order club and they are all doing different experiments around the country to see what policies and procedures and brainwashing techniques work best FOR the New World Order takeover of America.

International Association of Chiefs of Police  http://www.theiacp.org/

Global Leadership in Policing  


International Law Enforcement Academy 


When you see ANY police chief (they ALL seem to be wearing 4 stars like they are General George Patton, no matter if their department has 20 officers), you are looking at a TRAITOR and an ENEMY of the American People.


A retired Arizona Highway Patrolman wrote an article about America's police agencies.

The Enforcers Are Destroying America 


Also read: "Arrogant NYPD Spokesmen"


Every system is working AGAINST the American People.



Dec 24, 2008 Digital TV Will Be Watching You


Notice the similar statements in the 2 videos below:

1. I am Change.

2. I have been around from the beginning of time.

3. Over the years, I've had many faces.

4. Over the years, I've had many looks.

5. But I have always had the same goals.

Obama Nation- Youth Brigade TV Advertisement

1. Now in the Rolling Stones video below, Satan is singing about himself. Satan was the lead singer in Heaven and now he is using his skills in music on Earth to deceive us.

2. Satan has been around from the beginning of time too, just like "Change" claims in the above video.

3. Satan has acted through many faces (people) like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Obama, Mother Theresa, etc.

4. Satan has many looks, he uses priests, nuns, preachers, politicians, culture change activists, judges, cops and..........

5. Satan's goal has always been the same too. He wants to deceive as many people as possible and take them to hell.

Who has the power to create an army of 900 kids to do his bidding? The answer is clear. The 1st video is telling us what is true and the 2nd video is confirming it.


Sympathy for the Devil




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