"Arrogant NYPD Spokesmen" by Kevin Dunn
Written and Posted on July 25, 2014

There have been numerous events happening around the country and the world since I wrote my last article about the Arizona Highway Patrol spinning the non-fatal shooting of Officer Meeske.

I find a certain amount of humor in the fact that the linked information that I post in my articles tend to disappear or they are altered to limit the information that readers can see. I am not a person to make claims that are not supported by documented information. In addition to youtube removing some videos that I linked to, two important websites have altered the information on their websites since I posted the article "Separating the Stuff from The Stuff". Did they alter their websites because of the information that I have posted on this website? I don't know, but it certainly appears that they have done just that. I get banned regularly from forums because of the truth that I share and it's good to see the New World Order scumbags running and hiding as well.

In my last article, I said "the Arizona Highway Patrol is a PRIVATE company that is INCORPORATED" and I posted this information:

"I worked out of this office for 22 years"

That link no longer shows that the Arizona Highway Patrol is Incorporated. Why has that information been removed? It still shows that it is a PRIVATE company and it still shows the name of the "Manager", who is really the District Commander. The District Commander and I have been friends since 1977.

Because that web link no longer shows that the Arizona Highway Patrol is incorporated, I went and found proof for you, so that you can see it for yourself. Here is proof. You can see the exact information for yourself by using the Internet Wayback Machine.


This other website also changed it's information.

International Association of Chiefs of Police "global leadership in policing"

Now these police chiefs are *ALL* SOLD OUT to the New World Order. NONE of them serves the American People. They *ALL* wear 4 stars on their uniforms no matter if they are the chief or sheriff of a department with 25 officers or 35,000 officers. Everyone of these people is a TRAITOR of the American People.

What does a small town police chief have to do with INTERNATIONAL policing? How is a small town police chief serving his/her community by being involved in INTERNATIONAL policing? It's the New World Order showing you that they OWN the police chiefs and the sheriffs.

None of these police chiefs or sheriffs serve the American People. If they were serving the American People, they would tell you that the US Constitution DIED in 1933. Have they told  you?

The police chiefs and sheriffs are corrupting every police agency in America. They are ALL traitors.

Since I have been writing these articles, I have noticed a very interesting increase in the number of Mohave County Arizona Sheriff's Office vehicles going down my street. I went YEARS without seeing a sheriff deputy driving down my street, but now it's common. Is that just a coincidence? I saw one just last night.

I have also noticed that the Mohave County S.O. has some patrol vehicles that are painted completely black with white markings and some black vehicles have BLOOD red markings saying "Sheriff" on the side. Why is a police agency in Arizona painting patrol vehicles black when the sun and the heat are crushing? Even cooler white patrol vehicles can overheat.

Why are there markings in BLOOD red on a black patrol vehicle?

I answered that in my article "What is REAL and What Is Imaginary".

Anyway, the Police Chief website altered it's information as well. Again, using the Internet Wayback Machine, I offer you proof that the Police Chief website is boasting about it's leadership in GLOBAL policing, just like a person should expect from these traitors.

Let's face it, ladies and gentlemen. The police officers in America are being led and corrupted by New World Order trash who occupy the top positions in America's police agencies. The top brass in America's police agencies are intentionally hiring LOW IQ people to be police officers. Here is the proof. (how long will this article remain online now that I have posted it?)

Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops

N E W   L O N D O N,  Conn., Sept. 8, 2000

"A man whose bid to become a police officer was rejected after he scored too high on an intelligence test has lost an appeal in his federal lawsuit against the city."

Allow me to give you a little insight into what is happening in America's police agencies. The CONSPIRACY between the police chiefs and sheriffs is to remove tried and true police officers through early retirement and to replace them with LOW IQ people who should never be wearing a badge. The Arizona Highway Patrol did such a thing back in the 1990s called "Project Slim". Officers who were near or past the 20 year normal retirement requirement were given a monetary incentive to retire. About 200 officers took advantage of this program and they retired. The entire agency had ONLY about 900 total sworn officers and that was a HUGE loss in terms of experience. Using round figures, 200 officers, with an average 20 years experience each, = 4000 years of police experience departed the agency.

This was ALL by design. This happened before the OK City bombing (9-11 was still in the planning stages by the New World Order scum in the CIA and the FBI and the NSA and the Pentagon) when the New World Order was starting it's push to destroy America with the help of the top brass in America's police agencies. If you have read my other articles, you know that the top brass of the Arizona Highway Patrol lied to every officer about the OK City bombing. The top brass of America's police agencies are SCUM and ALARM bells should be ringing in the minds of every police officer who is NOT some LOW IQ moron. Even morons can figure this stuff out, given enough time and thought.

Now I'm going to talk about the killing of a man by the NYPD several days ago when a police officer with 8 years of experience used a choke hold on him and killed him. Remember the court ruling in 2000 encouraged the hiring of LOW IQ morons to be cops. That does not mean that all cops have LOW IQs, but 14 years is a long time. What percentage of police officers now fit that LOW IQ standard? With the number of videos that I have watched involving the UNJUSTIFIED beatings and killings by the police, it's safe to say that there are MANY such morons in police uniforms today.

Here is a video that I saw this morning concerning the LOW IQ morons from NYPD who killed a man several days ago for NOTHING!!! I was GREATLY angered by what I heard from these two men about that killing. Here is the clip.

CNN News - Cop's view on the choke hold controversy

The two men are Bernard Kerik, former NYPD commissioner (which makes him a New World Order sellout). The other man is Lou Palumbo, Director of "Elite Intelligence and Protection" and a former Nassau County Police Investigator.

Bernard Kerik said "Once an officer says that you are under arrest, you have to comply with the arrest. If you don't do that, it's considered resisting and the officers need to use the force necessary to affect the arrest"

Kerik just admitted that the level of force should be dependent upon the level of resistance being offered by the suspect. That means that the level of force should adjust based on what is happening at any given moment.


The host then says "the department doesn't distinquish between passive resistance and active resistance" at which point Lou Palumbo jumps in and says "that's a very vague and ambiguous concept. If you resist, you resist. We don't sit there and go like, gee he's resisting a little. Oh no, he's resisting a lot.

Lou Palumbo just told me that he is a scumbag and since he is a director of some private protection agency, he is ALSO another mercenary who has found a way to SELL OUT to the "ELITE" New World Order scumbags who are running this country.

Lou Palumbo just told us that he is either unable or he is unwilling to do GOOD police work by taking notice of what is happening moment by moment during the arrest process of an individual. Lou Palumbo has told us that any failure to immediately obey the police means that the suspect is resisting and Lou Palumbo is incapable of determining the level of that resistance by the suspect or what level of force is appropriate to overcome the suspect's resistance.

This is the type of response that I would expect from some LOW IQ moron that was hired to be a police officer after that the court decision. Lou Palumbo is not a low IQ moron. We know that because he looked directly at the camera when he tried to sell us his garbage. Nobody can be a director of a private security agency and be a moron, but that won't stop him from talking to the TV audience like we are all morons.

Lou Palumbo is scum. He is not stupid, but he is a scumbag. He is not a typical street level scumbag, much like the way that the NYPD treated Eric Garner when they used EXCESSIVE FORCE against him for a non-violent misdemeanor offense. No..... Lou Palumbo is an arrogant piece of garbage who is defending the indefensible actions by the NYPD in the killing of Eric Garner. Lou Palumbo appears to have a love affair with himself and he wants you to know that he THINKS that he is smarter than we are. He is wrong.

Here is a question that Lou Palumbo did not address. We have all seen wrestling matches and boxing matches and we have always seen a referee present to make sure that nobody gets seriously hurt. Where was the referee in this event? Who was monitoring this arrest and making sure that nobody got seriously hurt?

We have all seen a boxer's manager throw in a towel to end a fight when his fighter was beaten. We have all seen a wrestler tap the mat when he was in a position that was threatening his safety and the referee ended the match.

Where was the referee when the NYPD was killing Eric Garner?

We can all hear Eric Garner say that he could NOT breathe. Eric Garner was trying to tap out and stop the assault against him, but those ARROGANT AND STUPID cops showed NO mercy and NO restraint. They ALL killed Eric Garner. Everyone of them is guilty.

Is it going to take an armed citizen pulling a gun and shooting those STUPID cops in the head while the cops are busy killing someone like Eric Garner WITHOUT justification? Everyone of those cops could have been shot by the very people who were filming this killing. Do the cops ever think about that?

The cops swore an OATH to defend us against both foreign and DOMESTIC enemies. When the cops are killing someone WITHOUT justification, those cops ARE DOMESTIC enemies of the very people they swore to protect. I have watched countless videos of cops beating and KILLING people when it was NOT required.

Cops are sworn PEACE OFFICERS.

Where is the peace?

A GOOD police officer could have talked Eric Garner into submission. He was not violent. He was frustrated. He was mildly angry. However, he was NOT a threat to those officers. He was physically attacked and assaulted by FOUR police officers and taken to the ground. I can accept that, but better officers would have handled it peacefully.

However, after Eric Garner was on the ground and after he was trying to tap out, ONLY MORONS in police uniforms would have continue their assault against him. Good cops would have adjusted their actions to keep Eric Garner safe  while they could still have made the arrest.

ONLY SCUMBAGS would defend the actions of those officers.

Highway patrolmen and deputy sheriffs working in non-urban areas regularly work alone and their nearest help from another police officer can be 10 minutes away to more than 30 minutes away and yet they are able to arrest people like Eric Garner without any help and without anyone getting seriously hurt.

What "LAW" justified the killing of Eric Garner?

I have said this before and I'll say it again.....

The courts are a fraud. The US Constitution is dead.

What laws are the courts enforcing?

America's Constitutional Dictatorship

Look at the gold fringe around the USA flag and KNOW that everywhere that it flies, it represents a CONQUERED territory. It flies EVERYWHERE in the USA.


America is NOT even a country. It's a CORPORATION.

US Supreme Court

US Supreme Court

A privately held company in Washington, DC.

Categorized under Courts. Our records show it was established in 1790 and incorporated in District of Columbia.

Search for YOUR city, county, state.

YOUR local police dept, fire dept, etc.

They are ALL private companies.



EVERY law that has been written since 1933 is unconstitutional. The "LAW" is maritime law and/or UCC = Uniform Commercial Code.

Who is the decider of "laws"?

What law did any of us create?

Laws are an illusion. Don't believe it?

Have you ever heard "the defendant was found to be competent to stand trial"? What does that mean? It means that a person must be able to understand the Mental CONCEPT of the law that he is charged with breaking.

Do you understand what I just said? If a person CAN'T understand the "LAW", then that person is found incompetent to stand trial. The "LAW" does NOT apply to such a person.

ALL "Laws" are FAKE.

They are ONLY mental concepts.

They are invisible chains that enslave the public.

One day, something is "legal". The next day it is not legal.

That is all just a mental game.

Eric Garner was killed by NYPD officers because of a "LAW" that only exists on paper. That "LAW" was created by the New World Order scumbags who are called "The USA President" and "The USA Congress" and "The USA Supreme Court" and their counterparts in EVERY state and their counterparts in EVERY county and their counterparts in EVERY city and town.

Those "LAWS" are being enFORCED by ignorant police officers who are ALL being LIED to by the TOP BRASS in *EVERY* police agency. The intelligent police officers understand what I just said. They know it's true. They can explain it to the LOW IQ officers, maybe.

I keep telling people to get a gun.


AFTER you get a gun, live in peace if the "government" will allow it.

Read my other articles. Not all of them are great, but read them anyway.

Educate the police if you can. If you can't, the day is coming very soon when you are going to need that gun because the police are becoming the enemy of the American People.

The New World Order, including scumbags like Lou Palumbo, are going to deceive many. Don't be deceived.

As always, trust God and trust the King James Bible.



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