False Flag Underway – ISIS Militants Have US Passports!

Pray and be vigilant, do not fall for the deception that is about to come.

ISIS EXPOSED 100% AS CIA OPERATION: "The Next Bin Laden is Here" - Don't Be Fooled - watch the video at the link below:


September 17, 2014

A former CIA private contractor, Steven Kelley told Iran's Press TV in an August 28 interview, that ISIL is "a completely fabricated enemy. The funding is completely from the United States and its allies . . ." http://journal-neo.org/2014/09/17/is-the-cia-s-isis-cult-already-collapsing-in-iraq/


Connecting the dots...


ISIS is the Pentagon. The Pentagon and the Mossad are one. ISIS = Is Us or is US.


March 25, 2014 Obama 'More Concerned' with Threat of Nuclear Weapon Exploding in Manhattan Than with Russia

"At a news conference today, Pres. Obama said he's "much more concerned" with the threat of a nuclear weapon exploding in Manhattan than he is with Russia's aggression in the Ukraine."


March 26, 2014 Homeland Security To Cut NYPD Bomb Detection Funding After Obama Says NYC Nuclear Blast Bigger Concern Than Russia

"The announcement came less than 24 hours after President Barack Obama said he’s more concerned about the prospect of a nuclear weapon exploding in New York City than Russia’s recent actions."


It appears the NWO is ready to launch their next false flag here in America, ‘the mother of all.’ With ISIS militants now being proven as having US passports, the writing is on the wall of who is helping ISIS, and it is obvious exactly whom is helping them get to New York.

June 16, 2014 ISIS militants with US passports?


June 17, 2014 Exclusive: ISIS Will at Some Point 'Turn Its Guns Outward' Towards US


June 18, 2014 'Deadly danger': UK and Germany warn of Islamist fighters' plans to attack in Europe


The reason Isis is in the media, they will be used as scapegoats for the next False Flag event. It will be a major event, the media is already planting the seed that this will lead to the next 9/11. We are getting conditioned to accept the fabricated story of an attack on Manhattan.


The Elite practice Babylonian Enochian Magik used to worship pagan gods. They play on Numerology, Astrology & Symbolism.


There could be an attack on 8/8 or 2016 that could possibly include the Hoover Dam. The 50 dollar bill clearly shows the Hoover Dam breaking and Madonna's performance on Super Bowl 46, dressed as ISIS goddess was also a clue.


$50 Bill:




























Madonna's performance on Super Bowl 46, dressed as ISIS goddess
























See Also: Madonna - Mind Controlled Slave


Cult of Isis - The real reason why Isis is in the Media



Katy Perry performed a song about the goddess of ISIS as well:

Illuminati symbolism in Katy Perry ft Juicy J ‘Dark Horse’ music video

The song is esoteric and if you listen to the lyrics, she talks about a perfect storm and a dark horse coming and that you should choose carefully because once you do, there is no going back. She goes on to say that this dark horse is capable of anything and everything.

The song is evil and this video below emits evil.



Webmaster's Note: As Katy Perry states in the song, there is a perfect storm and dark horse coming. Yes, You need to choose carefully. There is no going back. The dark horse is the arrival of the Antichrist, DEAD Pope John Paul II.


Why did Jesus say this?

John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Clearly Jesus saw a distinction between the people who were human and the fallen angels that only looked human.

Satan wants to lead as many people as possible to their eternal destruction in hell. With so many diverse races, cultures, and religions, how will Satan be able to unite them all and appeal to as many people as possible?


He will do something huge, something never seen before, something so unique, something so groundbreaking that people’s deeply engrained dogma's and paradigms will be forced to come crashing down.

The Bible specifically warns us in 1Timothy 4:1: Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

In the latter times, demonic deceptions will increase. Deception is something that appears to be what it is not; or conversely, that something is not what it appears to be.

Not only are UFOs a satanic deception, but the phenomenon poses a real threat to Believers in Jesus Christ. The antichrist will not be arriving in "attack mode", but rather he will be arriving in "peace". Most people will recognize him (Pope John Paul II) and they will be overwhelmed with emotions of relief, joy, and amazement. When people see the antichrist and recognize him, he won't really be who people think that he is.


Read More:  Aliens? UFO's? Seriously? What?


You have a choice of the path of salvation by receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life or choosing to walk in the darkness and serve Satan. Eternity in heaven or eternity in hell. Today is the day of Salvation. Today is the day to receive Jesus Christ, repent of your sins and choose to live for Him.


Matthew 7:13-14: Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.


June 22, 2014 Nice: ISIS Posts Photo of Their Members Chilling With Sen. John


ISIS Intelligence Technology Training


June 14, 2014 ISIS Leader: ‘See You in New York’


June 13, 2014 The Next Bin Laden: ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi


June 14, 2014 'I’ll see you guys in New York,’ ISIS terror leader told U.S. troops in 2009


June 16, 2014 Will ISIS plan a 9/11-style terror plot against the U.S.?


September 8, 2013 Why Sen. Lindsey Graham Thinks the U.S. Will Be Nuked


January 29, 2013 Lindsey Graham Says 'The World Is Literally About To Blow Up'


Graham: Next 9/11 attack could come from Iraq, Syria


ISIS Illuminati Ploy: The ISIS Ploy: Illuminati Sorcery and Sacrifice


June 19, 2014 The Bride of 9/11 -- Scripted and Ready for Production


Cult of ISIS


Isis, Horus and Seth Triad of Lucifer


Hollywood Subliminals
Ancient Egyptian: Queen & Goddess of Magic, Motherhood & Fertility ISIS


June 27, 2014 ISIS gains in Iraq put Saudi forces on highest alert





July 09, 2014 ISIS Has Seized 88 Pounds Of Uranium In Northern Iraq



ISIS Steals Nuclear Material That Can Be Used In Making WMD's! ALERT!



July 07, 2014 Border crisis could provide cover to ISIS operatives, say experts



June 28, 2014 Why ISIS threatens the U.S. -- and what we can do about it



July 09, 2014 Hagel: ISIS poses an 'imminent' threat to US


ISIS and Al-Qaeda, are one in the same: they are both CIA creations and operated by the CIA. ISIS is the Pentagon. The Pentagon and the Mossad are one.

The border illegal alien illness epidemic crisis could be a distraction for another Government sponsored 911 type event. They are operating several covert warfare operations simultaneously. All of which are designed to further restrict the freedoms and disarm the American people.


They are certainly conditioning us right now through main stream media for such an event to occur.


"ISIS is a caliphate project of creating a Sunni Islamist state. It is not a project of the Sunni population of Iraq which is broadly committed to secular forms of government. The caliphate project is part of a US intelligence agenda.

In response to the advance of the ISIS rebels, Washington is envisaging the use of aerial bombings as well as drone attacks in support of the Baghdad government as part of a counter-terrorism operation. It is all for a good cause: to fight the terrorists, without of course acknowledging that these terrorists are the “foot soldiers” of the Western military alliance.


The Islamic caliphate is supported covertly by the CIA in liaison with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkish intelligence. Israel is also involved in channeling support to both Al Qaeda rebels in Syria (out of the Golan Heights) as well to the Kurdish separatist movement in Syria and Iraq."



"More broadly, the “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT) encompasses a consistent and diabolical logic: both sides –namely the terrorists and the government– are supported by the same military and intelligence actors, namely US-NATO…”



June 30, 2014 Rand Paul: ISIS Strengthened Because US 'Allied with Them in Syria'



July 11, 2014 Iraq oil bonanza reaps $1 million a day for Islamic State



ISIS Contractors Website



July 15, 2014 ISIS Steals Over 50 U.S. Howitzers, 1,500 Armored Humvees!

October 15, 2014 Washington concealed US troops exposure to chemical weapons in Iraq – intel docs


Dick Cheney even alluded to the coming attack, one which will most likely involve Iraq's recently rediscovered chemical weapons:

"During the Iraq-Iran War (1980-1988), Baghdad actively sought the development of chemical weapons with the help of a number of Western countries, including the United States, West Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and France, according to internal Iraqi documents.

It is has already been widely documented that at least 50,000 Iranian civilians and soldiers were killed by Iraqi chemical weapons in the course of the war.

As the Times report detailed, many of the chemical weapons incidents were centered around the now largely destroyed Muthanna State Establishment, which was “the center of Iraqi chemical agent production in the 1980s.”

This is especially worrying because since June, that sensitive area has been in the possession of the Islamic State, which recently appeared on the scene in northern Iraq and Syria with public displays of extreme savagery that included the alleged beheading of American and British journalists and aid workers, not to mention Christian babies.

So the question as to how the United States kept the exposure of its troops to chemical weapons contamination in Iraq secret for so long has taken a back seat to the more immediate question as to whether or not the Islamic State has also gained possession of chemical weapons.

On Sunday, former Vice President Dick Cheney predicted that the next attack on the United States would be “far deadlier” than the last one." http://rt.com/news/196152-us-iraq-chemical-weapons/


January 08, 2015 Just As The Islamic State (ISIL) Gets Exposed As A Fake US Enemy, A “Wag the Dog” Terrorist Attack in Paris?






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