What Do Atheists And Rocks Have In Common?

If there is no God and matter is everything, then WHO are you? Is your next thought just brain chemistry? Is there any difference between YOU and a rock on the ground, other than the configuration of atoms? Do you believe in the existence and the importance of truth, logic, beauty, love, justice, honesty, and goodness? Matter doesn’t have these properties. Don’t YOU have the capacity to distinguish between good ideas and bad ideas, logic and illogic, right and wrong? Isn’t there a YOU in there? Everything about YOU tells YOU that YOU exist! Once YOU admit that YOU exist, it’s easy to figure out that God exists.

Look at a nearby building. There is NO doubt in your mind that someone with intelligence and skill built it. Time, physics, and chance don’t put structures like that together, but rather tear them down – a consequence of the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Buildings are fairly simple: mostly rectangular design, using bricks, stone, glass, plaster, plumbing, and wiring. YOU, however, are walking nanotechnology. Every cell in your body is far more complex than a supercomputer. Time, physics, and chance don’t make buildings, supercomputers, or the nanotechnology of life.

The Designer of life is the Lord Jesus Christ, who once walked among us. When an engineer builds something he doesn’t throw it away. He has a purpose for it. God has a purpose for you – first that you seek Him.

That mind of yours – your soul – is going to live forever. You have a God-given conscience – you know the difference between right and wrong. Is murder wrong? Is rape wrong? Is molesting children wrong? Are YOU ready for justice? How many lies have you told? Ever stolen anything, including time from your employer for which you got paid anyway? Ever lusted? Ever gotten angry or insulted anyone? God knows your every thought and judges you as a lying thief with an adulterous and murderous heart. Your destiny is a prison called the Lake of Fire.


Want forgiveness? Your Judge, Jesus Christ, offers His own shed blood in payment for your sins. When He rose from the dead, He proved His credibility.





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