Biting the Economic Bullet

"July 4, 2014 — It has been so much easier for our politicians to go along with the lie of an 'economic recovery' bubble than to spill the beans about all this printed 'QE' money just artificially 'puffing up' the figures. Neither do they like to mention the inexorable rise in the national debt, now around 1.3 trillion pounds ($2.23 trillion) which will clearly never stop growing let alone be paid off. Certainly QE is helping stocks, shares and asset prices as well as keeping the pension funds happy but at some time in the future those valuations will have to come down to earth, most likely with a bang. And a crash.

When they do you can be sure the power elite financiers will make a killing buying up distressed assets which are being sold off cheap but there will also be the sort of turmoil that goes with any collapse in confidence. The financial services industry sells confidence but when the bubble bursts and that confidence breaks it will smash across the real economy like a tsunami.

Imagine the 2001 Argentinean financial crisis but on a transcontinental scale. Savings wiped out for hundreds of millions of people. Millions made jobless overnight. Suddenly everything we ever thought we knew we could rely on, the very life blood of a capitalist society, collapses. What takes over rather quickly is the need to secure water, food and shelter for us and our families. Without money for these basics societies quickly atomize into a fight, even amongst neighbors, for physical control of territory and provisions. Outcome the handguns, then the AK47s and inevitable invoking of the most draconian government powers in martial law."


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