Hey Voters......... Have You Figured It Out Yet?
by Kevin Dunn. Written and Posted on October 18, 2016

It's been over 2 years since I wrote my last article. It's not for the lack of things to write about, but how many times do people need to be warned before they start to break their lifelong government brainwashing and start seeing the world as it really exists? Has anything gotten better in the world since I wrote my last article, or are things going in the same direction and at a greater speed and with greater intensity?

So here we are. It's nearly time for the election of the US President. On November 8, 2016, Americans are going to the polls to vote for who they want to be president because that's the way things are done in America, right?

OK then, but before you vote, think about this.

People are voting for their EMPLOYEES, right? Aren't the American People the bosses? If they aren't the bosses, why does anyone vote? If they are the bosses, why do they allow their employees to tell them what to do? Why do the employees make all the rules and laws?

Can any of you explain that for us?
I can explain it. In fact, I just told you. Brainwashing.

We have ALL been brainwashed our entire lives by the New World Order controlled governments that lie to us constantly, the "News" media that lies to us constantly, the public "education" systems that lie to children and persuade then to accept all manner of perversion, the TV shows and movies are intentionally created to alter our thoughts and perceptions of reality and gives us permission to behave badly because "everyone is doing it".

We are ALL under attack every day. There really is a war raging for our minds and it's getting worse. You WILL do what you have been conditioned to do. The advertisements on TV aren't there because they have no effect on us. They are very effective and so is the TV programming. People will deny that TV programming means exactly what it says, which is the active attempt to alter our perceptions and our behaviours through showing us and telling us things in such a way that most people don't even know that it's happening. The same people who will deny that TV programming is real will also admit that computer programming does exist. It's exactly the same word with exactly the same meaning.

Police officers learn effective firearms skills (programming) on the shooting range so that the officer will be effective in the real world when he/she is stressed and NEEDS to use a firearm. Whatever that officer was TAUGHT and LEARNED (not always the same thing) is what will happen on the street. People WILL do what they are taught to do. Practice well. Perform well. Conversely, garbage in = garbage out. That explains the VERY BAD performance of cops shooting UNARMED people around the country. Unqualified people, who are TRAINED poorly, become VERY bad cops. The police chiefs and sheriffs KNOW this. They are intentionally hiring unqualified people to be cops and then training them poorly as part of their plan to destroy America. It's working very well, don't you agree? People are being shot and killed by BAD cops around the country and people are protesting around the country.

So why are you voting again?

Here you go. I'm about to share a 16 month old TV "News" video that confirms what I already told you 2+ years ago. Did you see this when it happened? Did you understand it when you saw it? Did you even think about what you were being told in this "news" segment?

When I warned you over 2 years ago, did you believe me when I told you what's really true or did you ignore my warnings and write me off as some "conspiracy theorist"? You do know that EVERYTHING is a conspiracy, right? It really is, but for MOST of you, your brainwashing makes you reject that truth. Even when the New World Order tells us the truth, MOST people can't figure it out. That's just how powerful brainwashing is and why it's used against us non-stop. So watch this TV "news" video.

The US Supreme Court admitted on June 26, 2015 that the US Constitution is gone. It's been gone since 1933, but now Chief Justice Roberts actually said it when the gay marriage ruling came out.

Pay particular attention at the 2:35 mark to the 2:58 mark

"Do not celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it"

Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide






The US Constitution is supposed to be the law of the land. The Supreme Court's only job is to use that Constitution in determining if any law is Constitutional. That's it. Nothing else.

They just told us that the US Constitution was not used in the same sex marriage ruling. They just told everyone that the Constitution is gone. It's been gone since 1933. If people want more detailed info, click the link at the bottom of this short article.

America's Constitutional Dictatorship

It's gone.

So there you have it.
Why are you voting again?

Do YOUR employees, in the US Supreme Court, serve you?
Does YOUR employee, the US President, serve you?
Do YOUR employees, the US Congress, serve you?

If you still believe that government serves you, what hope is there for you?
What other BOSS, anywhere, follows the rules and dictates of his/her employee?

Let's go back to a very old video where President Bush Sr. is promoting the New World Order to America. You have all seen this video, but how many of you understood what you were being told?

Bush says "the rule of law, NOT the law of the jungle". I'll translate that for you.

He is saying "You are dumber than any creature in the forest that knows it's enemies. ANY creature will either kill it's enemy or it will flee from it's enemy. But YOU? You are going to obey the LAWS of the very people who intend to destroy you with those laws".

Bush said it nicely and most people didn't understand it.







Let's look at some examples of how YOU, the boss, serve YOUR employee.

1. YOUR employees, the city council, make ordinances that control you, the boss. The American People did not make those ordinances or agree to obey them. Their EMPLOYEES made those ordinances even if the vast majority of the people living in that community disagree. Who is running the show here?

2. YOUR employees, the city council, hire a police chief, who then hires police officers. YOU don't hire the police chief or the police officers. YOUR employees hire them. You had NO say in the matter. Those police officers are then trained and directed by the police chief to (en)FORCE YOU to obey the ordinances that YOUR employees created without your CONSENT or your agreement to obey them.

3. When you are in a courtroom, you are commanded to stand when the judge, YOUR employee, walks into the room. Name another time or place when ANY boss shows submission to his/her employee. Can you do it?

4. YOUR employees, the judges, claim the right to ORDER YOU to report to THEM for jury duty. The court claims the right to force anyone to submit to the jury duty selection process at any time. YOU are being told by YOUR employees to obey them and drop everything when they call YOU to come SERVE on jury duty. If you don't obey the subpoena (which means "under penalty"), then YOU are breaking the LAW that you never created nor agreed to obey. FORCE will be used against you by YOUR employees (the judge and the police) to make you comply. Suddenly, while you are minding your own business and living your life peacefully with those around you, some judge COMMANDS you to report to HIM/HER. Judges command you because they are so bold as to THINK that THEY OWN YOU. You are being told that very thing, but most people haven't figure it out.

Are you understanding all of this?
Do you see the power of brainwashing?
Do you really think that the American People are the bosses?
Why are you voting again?

Wake up America.

YOU don't control anything. NOTHING, with ONE exception. You do control yourself, IF you choose to control yourself. Why do you obey a govt that is destroying you?

Name ONE thing that has gotten better since 9-11.
Can you do it?
Just by "the law of averages" 50% of the changes since 9-11 should be good changes and yet NONE of the changes have been good and that can ONLY happen if it was planned to happen that way.

Why do Americans allow their employees to destroy them?

We all know that we need rules of conduct to govern our actions in society, just like the game of football has rules for playing that game. The point is........ who makes those rules? Do the referees (employees) make the rules or do the team owners (bosses) make the rules? ARE YOU THE BOSS OR NOT?

Why are you voting again?

If you really want to cast a meaningful vote, buy a firearm on election day instead of going to the voting booth to elect your next New World Order controlled puppets, who won't do anything to help any of us. Your purchase of a gun is a vote. You are voting against the govt that is actively seeking YOUR destruction. The USA govt is YOUR enemy and so is every state and local govt. The signs are all around you. Do you see them? Here are a few signs.

The police continue to push to become more and more militaristic in their appearance and their actions.

1. There is a picture near the bottom of the homepage on this website that shows the former Mohave County Sheriff in the white shirt standing by one of his black patrol vehicles. That vehicle has the same colors as the Nazi flag. That same sheriff had white patrol vehicles for decades before going to the Nazi paint job. Perhaps the Mohave County Supervisors and the current Mohave County Sheriff have been shamed into changing the Nazi paint job because now the Mohave County Sheriff's Office patrol vehicles are completely black with the exception of a white stripe and the word "Sheriff" written in white. I guess the previous color scheme made it too obvious to people who finally understood what was being promoted by that Nazi paint job.

2. The Arizona Highway Patrol (my former employer) has now gone to calling the officers "State Troopers". Why did that happen? Who gave them permission to make that change? Were the people of Arizona asked before it was changed? Did they consent? I was not asked and I do not consent. Tell me, does that name change to "state troopers" make the Arizona Highway Patrol sound more peaceful or less peaceful? Do you feel more intimidated by that "state trooper" title or less intimidated? If I told you that the patrol vehicles have also been changed from white to black, just like the Mohave County Sheriff's Office vehicles, would you be more relaxed when you saw a "Arizona State Trooper" in a black vehicle or would you be more comfortable if you saw an "Arizona Highway Patrolman" in a white vehicle like it was for decades?

When I retired from the Arizona Highway Patrol in 1998, the top position (director) held the rank of full colonel (bird colonel). Later, I saw a new director wearing 4 stars on his uniform just like all of the police chiefs and sheriffs are wearing now. Why did that happen? Why would the exact same position require a 4 star "general" when it was always a full colonel before? Interestingly, another newer director is back to wearing the full colonel insignia.

Do you see the mind control games that are being played here? Highway patrolmen suddenly become "State troopers". White patrol vehicles suddenly become black. The director suddenly becomes a "general". None of this is for YOUR benefit. You start calling a highway patrolman a "trooper" and that's a major mind shift for both the highway patrolman and the public. Don't think that the New World Order is making these title changes accidentally. This is very well planned out. Look around. The western states used to have "highway patrolmen". Now several western states have changed the title and they are calling them "troopers" too. Everyone is being standardized. If they REALLY needed to change the title, why didn't they choose to go from being called "Arizona Highway Patrolmen" to "Arizona Highway Helpers" (a kinder and gentler title) instead? Why was it so important to start using the aggressive title of "state troopers"? You know why, don't you?

So what comes to your mind when you hear the word "trooper"?

1. Paratrooper. Military's elite assault force.
2. Stormtrooper. Hitler's goons who brought the Nazi party to power.
3. State trooper. Aggressive title for a highway patrolman.

How does the name change HELP anyone except for the New World Order that is intentionally creating conflict in America between the unsuspecting public and the police who can't figure things out? I said "police who can't figure things out", but there is another possibility. It is certainly possible that some of the officers, sergeants, and captains KNOW exactly what is happening and they ARE WILLING participants.

The Arizona Highway Patrol used to have District Commanders with the rank of lieutenant, but suddenly they became captains. Nothing changed except the rank, just like the Director deciding to become a "general". As the military and the police continue to merge, they are making sure that the police commanders have a rank that is high enough to hold some weight, like when a police captain is dealing with a military lieutenant fresh out of military officer training or a military captain, which is generally the rank held by a Company Commander in the military. A police District Commander and a military Company Commander who both have generally the same duties and responsibilities. It's all about the coming merge and having everyone on the same page, just like the military gave the police the same COMBAT gear and vehicles that they are using. You didn't think that was just an accident, did you?

3. Why this push for black police vehicles? I'm an old man now, so I remember TV shows decades ago when the good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore black hats in the westerns. Why are the police going to black when they are supposed to be the good guys? If you have read my other articles, you know that the police chiefs and the sheriffs are SCUM who have betrayed the American People. The police chiefs and sheriffs have sold their souls to the New World Order and I have nothing but contempt for all of them. None of them are serving the American People and now they are hiring unqualified people to be cops who are shooting unarmed people around the country. They are also staging FAKE shootings and FAKE "terror" attacks around the country as they continue their push to disarm the American People while the TV "news" promotes the lies and the FAKE shootings to the public. Don't disarm. GET A GUN. You are going to need it soon.

What does the color black represent?

1. Intimidation. Hitler's Gestapo wore black.
2. Judgment. Judges wear black. They condemn people.
3. Death. The executioner wore black in times gone by.
4. Death. The undertaker wore black in times gone by.

Do you imagine that painting police vehicles black is just an accident? Not even close. You ARE seeing a CONSPIRACY happening right in front of you, even if you don't have the awareness to recognize it and understand it.

Brainwashing, eh? It's mighty powerful indeed.

Why are you voting again?

You do have a choice. Remain brainwashed or break your brainwashing. Which will you choose? Are you prepared to discover that almost everything that you "know" is a lie that was fed to you by people who are trying to destroy you?

As for me......... simply put, because of everything that I have seen and heard, I NO LONGER TRUST THE POLICE. Any cop who sees what's happening and keeps his/her mouth shut is just as guilty as the cops who are doing evil. Even if a cop is NOT involved IN ANY WAY, he/she is still untrustworthy if he/she can't figure out what is happening OR fails to tell the unsuspecting public the truth once they do understand what's happening. A police uniform does NOT make an unqualified person a GOOD cop, because GOOD cops can think well and they DO their best to SERVE the public. They do NOT serve their sold out to Satan police chiefs and sheriffs who are ACTIVELY helping to destroy America.

And pay attention folks. The TV "news" always parades some police spokesperson (often times a police chief or sheriff) with a small army of other cops standing behind him/her who are nodding their heads in agreement as we are told some fairy tale about some FAKE shooting. I don't trust any of it. NONE of it. You don't need an army of head nodders behind you when you are speaking the truth, but you sure need them or a mayor or a governor standing next to you when you are lying.

The cops have repeatedly lied to us on TV "news" about things that can be proven to be FALSE, so there is NO WAY that I am going to believe them about anything. I have NO FAITH in the police. None.

I have FAITH in Jesus Christ and the King James Bible.

Start looking for CONSPIRACIES. I see them everywhere and so will you IF you start thinking about the things that you see and hear happening all around you. Instead of shrugging things off, think about them. Mentally file them away if they don't make sense to you after you have thought about them. Something else might pop up that helps you to tie it all together.

GET A GUN and then live in peace if the government will allow it.
Don't trust the govt, but live in peace with it, if they allow it.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I don't vote anymore. I was a brainwashed voter too, until 9-11 made me start looking for the truth. I don't blame anyone for being brainwashed, but I certainly do blame people for staying that way after they have been told and shown the truth. It's not your fault that the USA govt has lied to you your entire life, but it is your fault if you don't start doing something NOW to break your brainwashing.

Voting is for losers. You will never win with this system. Never.
Be a winner instead and learn the truth and share it with others.

As always, trust God and trust the King James Bible.



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