Reasons to Distrust the Police
by Kevin Dunn written and posted on January 20, 2017

Here we go again. Because of a video I watched today involving the Evanston, Illinois Police Department brutalizing a NON-VIOLENT "suspect", without any justification, I am once again GREATLY angered by what I saw and heard.

Here is that video.

Controversial dashcam video released in police excessive force case
CBS Evening News
Published on Jan 16, 2017






What I see in this video is a non-threatening "suspect" who is trying to keep the situation calm from the very start. I would appreciate that gesture and I would respond in a similar manner. Good police officers rarely need to yell at people in order to effectively handle a situation, especially when the "suspect" already shows an eagerness to co-operate.

What could have been a calm conversation with the "suspect", turned into an instant  mugging by 5 thugs in police uniforms. (the news man says that there are 4 cops, but I see 5 in the video). If you noticed, one of those thugs had his right hand on his gun and it appeared that he was putting it BACK into his holster when there was NO VALID reason to be pulling a gun in the first place. I would never have even touched my holstered sidearm in this situation because there was NO indication of any threat to me by the "suspect".

If you don't think that these Evanston cops are thugs, how do you explain this comment made by one of those police thugs to the "suspect" who did nothing wrong? "I said I didn't shoot you motherf***er. You should feel lucky for that"

That comment is outrageous, especially considering the peaceful behaviour of the "suspect" from the very beginning. ALL of those Evanston cops are thugs, but what's worse is the response by the Evanston Police Department. "The Evanston Police say that their officers complied with department procedures".

That right there? That's absolute proof of what I told you in my previous article "Hey Voters......... Have You Figured It Out Yet" From that article:

"People WILL do what they are taught to do. Practice well. Perform well. Conversely, garbage in = garbage out. That explains the VERY BAD performance of cops shooting UNARMED people around the country. Unqualified people, who are TRAINED poorly, become VERY bad cops. The police chiefs and sheriffs KNOW this. They are intentionally hiring unqualified people to be cops and then training them poorly as part of their plan to destroy America."

Those Evanston Police thugs did EXACTLY what they were TRAINED to do and the police chief supports their actions.

Is it any surprise that I don't trust the police?

The planned attack on America on September 11, 2001 by the USA govt was the beginning of a REAL education for me. One of the first things that I learned was that the TOP brass of the Arizona Highway Patrol lied to every officer about the OK City bombing in 1995 and never told us the truth right up until I retired 3 1/2 years later.

What's true about police agencies is that they are like secret societies. The low level members know the least about what's really happening in the police agency. They are fed silly propaganda that seems true because of their lifelong government brainwashing in school and in the "news" and in the movies and TV shows. Brainwashing is everywhere, but when an officer promotes to sergeant, he/she learns a little more truth than they knew before. This continues until he/she reaches the TOP and becomes police chief or sheriff. Every level up the chain of command knows more about what's really happening than the person below.

Even then, some of the small town police chiefs and sheriffs are just unsophisticated bumpkins who are being played by the more savvy big city police chiefs and big county sheriffs around the country. It's the pecking order found in all organizations, but the people who are pulling the strings locally are the New World Order / secret society businessmen who "sway" the policies of the police chief and sheriff.

Here's a tip. Government controls nothing. Government is the FORCE that the New World Order / Secret Societies use against us to accomplish the New World Order goals.

1. ONE World government
2. ONE World economy
3. ONE World religion
4. ONE World military
5. ONE World police force

Anyway........ an important aspect in all of the videos that will be posted here in the future is this: the police chiefs and sheriffs will be defending the obvious bad and/or criminal acts by the police officers seen in the videos. These police chiefs and sheriffs are intentionally hiring unqualified people to be cops now. The police chiefs and sheriffs are conspiring together to destroy America for their New World Order masters while bringing in that list of 5 things I just stated.

Most people are brainwashed to think that 99% of all police officers are "good people" who are doing their best to serve the American People. But that still leaves the 1% who are BAD cops. Using the numbers provided by this website "National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund" http://www.nleomf.org/facts/enforcement/ "There are more than 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers now serving in the United States, which is the highest figure ever."

1% of 900,000 = 9000 BAD cops running around the country. The number is MUCH higher than that, but let's pretend that it's only 1% of ALL cops who are bad. The videos I will be posting will show that these 1% (bad cops) travel in packs. You won't see a SINGLE GOOD COP in these videos who is trying to stop the bad cops from doing evil. They will all be bad cops who are working together at the very same time and the very same place and doing the very same bad things. How "lucky" is that? What are the odds of that happening?  Meanwhile, the "good cops" are elsewhere doing "good things" for everyone else, right?

1. How many bad / criminal acts by the police does it take to start a massive street protest? ONE BAD cop can get the whole ball rolling, right? We are seeing protests around the country because of the acts of ONE cop, right?

2. How many killings of UNARMED "suspects" by the police does it take before MOST Americans stop trusting ALL the police, even the "good ones"?

3. If 99% of all police are "good people", why aren't the 99% doing whatever it takes to protect the American People from the 1% of cops who are morons or cowards or thugs?

4. If 99% of all police are "good people", why aren't ANY of them exposing their SOLD OUT to the New World Order police chiefs and sheriffs?

99% of ALL police officers are "good people"? Not even close.

Show me the GOOD cops who are exposing the police chiefs and sheriffs.
Show me the GOOD cops who are protecting us from the BAD cops.
Show me the GOOD cops who are warning the American People about what is REALLY happening and who is doing it.

If you can't do that, why not?

Here is the video of the NYPD killing Eric Garner. I wrote an article about this called "Arrogant NYPD Spokesmen" after I watched a video of Bernard Kerik, former NYPD commissioner (which makes him a New World Order sellout) and former officer Lou Palumbo who were defending those NYPD thugs. The New World Order termites made some of that information disappear but read that article. It will help you to understand what's really happening.

NYPD cops choke man to death
Published on Jul 21, 2014






Here is the video of Kerik and Palumbo.

Cop's View On The Choke Hold Controversy






More to come.

As always, trust God and trust the King James Bible.



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