Satanism in Russian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate


June 23, 2010 — During the procession the Orthodox people kissed the "right hand of Satan," bowed to it as a great relic—the right hand of St. George the Victorious, patron saint of the Russian army. This demonic blasphemy and Satanism had the direct blessing of the ruling bishop of the diocese and the priesthood. Feeling spiritual filth, the Orthodox people of Tver Patriarch Cyril sent a letter outlining their confusion: "If our suspicions are correct, you lured us to worship the idol, Baphomet, and the procession turned into an act of desecration of our land and the Orthodox Faith. . . Zionists are beginning to convince us that rock music can also be Orthodox and to lead people into Christ's Church, which we definitely deny. This subculture, practicing and preaching the values of Satan, and under its control, cannot at the same time preach Christ and salvation to the souls of men.

Let's look closely at the gestures of the world of transnational Judeo-Masonic political elite, which prepares the crowning of the Antichrist. All of these representatives of the World Government and their servants are Luciferian. And they openly show it. These include the high priest of Masonic world heresy, the Pope, whom the Patriarch Cyril (Gundyaeva) and his entourage call "His Holiness" and Primate of their sister church.

We have already written about the strange friendship of the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate with Russian Freemasons, Knights Templars, who are the real Satanists and privy to the world's Masonic currents. And although Patriarch Cyril via Vsevolod Chaplin tried to renounce such cooperation, his response only confirmed our worst expectations and assumptions.

Archbishop Victor did not want to aggravate relations with the Jewish Governor of the Tver region, a Jew-chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the region and a legion of Jewish deputies. The priests of the diocese did not want to aggravate relations with the ruling bishop. Orthodox believers have not found the courage to openly express their anger regarding the blasphemy of Archbishop Victor and priests.

And the result—he gave them all our Lord Jesus Christ! Everyone bowed to the Devil and kissed his detestable hand! . . . bitter fruit of the so-called symphony of Church and State. . . How can the Church work together to support the godless, anti-Christian occupation Kremlin regime that removes Russia and Russian people, both spiritually and physically? . . . the absolute majority of Russian government officials are Jews that pay attention to the interests of Orthodox believers in Russia and even sometimes take an active part in organizing social and religious activities, which they tend to deliberately fill with their anti-Christian sense and spirit.

Anti-Semitism has absolutely nothing to do with this. Orthodox people do hate any nation, including the Jews, that is a stupid accusation. We Orthodox Christians pray and kneel before the icons of the apostles . . . and our Lord Himself was from the tribe of David. All Orthodox agree that in Christ there is neither Hellene nor Jew . . . in our renovated temples the Judeo-Masonic six-pointed star appears in abundance. . ." Full story: 3rm.info

Comment: Russia remains occupied since its overthrow by non-Semitic self-styled Jews from the East Side of New York City in 1917. Britain remains occupied since its overthrow by non-Semitic self-styled Jews from the East via Amsterdam in 1688, since then America (note the bloodlines and proclivities of US presidents), Canada, Israel and all other colonies of that sovereign nation state, the 'City of London,' have been occupied and never independent as you imagined. Ezekiel 38 and 39 were inspired by God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel—as are Hebrews 6:4-8, and Revelation 18:1-4.


Source: http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/nl637.htm






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