Full Metal Jacket - Military Occult Mind Control


Note: Language warning for the movie clips on this page. For some reason society thinks foul language is a "necessary evil." Sadly, it is used everywhere.


Full metal jacket the movie part 1



























Notice the Satanic symbolism on the poster below:

Born to Kill

Peace sign

7 rounds

Yellow image of flames














































The military's sole purpose is to cause chaos, not to bring about peace. 9/11 is right there in the word (note the lower-case i) KiLL (K=11 I=9 so 11/9 and 2 L's which can be viewed as a spun 77). Note that on the poster there are 7 rounds visible.

Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket reveals how military training programs the minds of soldiers.


Private Pyle's mind is successfully split by the drill instructor/programmer. As a result of this programming mind split, he becomes amazing at shooting. This is done after the programmer shifted the trauma leveled against Pyle from himself, to his fellow trainees who he had previously relied on to help him which pushed him over the edge.


Just before Private Pyle shoots the drill Sergeant and himself, the drill Sergeant says, "What is this Mickey Mouse shit!" revealing Mickey Mouse's role in mind control (because he's completely snapped).


Obvious parallels between Vietnam and Iraq are evident in the movie.


Like Generation Kill, two products of military mind control (Oswald and Whitman) were mentioned with the drill instructor basically saying he wanted them to be like those two killers.


The peace button and the BORN TO KILL on "Joker" (main protagonist in the movie, played by Matthew Modine) (Heath Ledger Joker) represents the "duality of man" (born to kill is on his head and the "peace" symbol is on his heart), duality is an important part of mind control and the occult.


People trained by the military and law enforcement are programmed using varied mind control techniques. Duality and cognitive dissonance are evident by observation. Duality is also part of the "good cop/bad cop" demonic programming and manipulation.


Pictures from Full Metal Jacket:























Notice Mickey Mouse on the window ledge in the picture below:

























Notice Mickey Mouse and the other mouse character have been moved in this scene:























Why is it so important to have Mickey Mouse depicted in the scenes in this movie? What is the significance of Mickey Mouse?


In the picture below, there is two sets of 33's as the mind controlled prostitute solicits. This scene confirms Freemasonry's involvement in global prostitution sex slave rings.


Take note of the Eagle behind the prostitute and also Hynos (add a p) Hypnos, subliminal hypnosis (this green Hynos word is seen numerous time throughout the movie) showing the mind control aspect of sex slaves.



























A trap is set for one guy by him picking up a white rabbit wearing a top hat. The trap kills him. This combines the elements of the mad hatter and white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland programming.
























The final scene with the female sniper, before the Mickey Mouse March, is loaded with symbolism.


In the pictures below, notice the hexagon door way, twin pillars, pentagram, there are subliminal swastikas (reversed and normal) literally everywhere; one reversed one is drawn on. Notice the shape of the images of the flames. One of the shapes is that of a wizard, and another is a swastika. Other images can be seen in the image of the flames.




















































In the picture below, notice the elongated swastikas and inverted pentagram
























Notice, after the female sniper is killed, her dying body is lying between two pillars


























In the picture below, notice Mickey's right hand and tail are pointing at (9/11). In the movie, the song comes from the Mickey Mouse club which confirms the Mickey Mouse March's mind control usage. 






















Mind Control is in the name, Mickey Mouse.


MI identifies intelligence agencies (MI5/6, etc. who perfected the art of mind control. C adds control to it (MC MIC), then add KEY. Identifies the key for accessing locked compartments of the mind where alters are housed. If you add up the letters of MICKEY using the Satanic numerology system, the total is 66. You can add up the total of the words MICKEY MOUSE using the Satanic numerology system and draw your own conclusions.





























Full Metal Jacket Mickey Mouse Song




























Notice: "Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me. Forever let us hold our banner high: Heil! Heil! Heil!"


If you or your children served in the military, this is the type of programming everyone was exposed to.


If your children died while serving in the military, our sincere condolences. However, they did not die defending the US from "Muslim Terrorists." They died defending the New World Order plan and serving Satan's purposes. They died serving the Babylonian fractional reserve racket of usury which relies on the sleight of hand (alchemy) of an "economic cycle" designed to enslave and defraud all the people who live in the world.






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