Prayer-walking Is Good.


Prayer-walking can give you a heart for the lost and hurting people around you.

As you walk down roads and streets or station yourself at points, you come to realize that the people you are praying for are lost, enslaved by sin and headed for an eternity in hell.


You begin to realize the pain and the heartache of people who are suffering in your neighborhood, your community, or your city. This can motivate you to intercede with intensity.

This creates a heart in you for lost and hurting people. It creates a longing to stand in the gap for them.

This practice can also show you needs and opportunities that you’ve never seen before in your city or community. Many of our prayers concern only our own interests. In church prayer meetings, the focus of the praying is primarily for the members and their loved ones and activities of that church. Our vision is turned inward rather than outward.


Our praying has simply become focused on ourselves and the people
that we know and that need our prayers.


Prayer-walking will provide the opportunity to see the needs of a
lost and hurting community or city. It will reveal opportunities to minister that have been hidden from our eyes by self-interest and selfishness.

Prayer-walking will mobilize and energize believers to evangelize and minister to people. It will create the desire to evangelize and minister because people have a tendency to pursue what they have prayed for.

Added to this, people tend to be involved with what they have seen.

These factors motivate believers to reach and minister to those for whom they have prayed.

Prayer-walking is not an end in itself. It leads to all types of ministry, not the least of which is evangelism and prayer.

Prayer-walking helps you to focus your faith. As you walk through a city or community, you begin to see specific needs. Your mind and heart become saturated with the opportunities that are around you. As these things happen, you begin to call on God and believe God for the salvation, healing, deliverance, and blessing of people.


You start believing God for specific blessings in the lives of those around you.

You are put in a position where you trust God for specific blessings for specific people. You can no longer say, “Lord bless our city” or “Lord, bless our community.”


Your faith is focused to believe God for blessings in the lives of people in your community or city. You see the need and you are motivated to trust God for
the blessing. When you draw close to who you are praying for, it strengthens your faith to plead with and believe God for what is needed in their lives. This focused, strengthened faith is crucial to receiving an answer from the Lord.


The Word of God states in James 1:6-7, “But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord.”

Prayer-walking also helps you to agree in prayer. Power in prayer does not come through loud cries or eloquence. It comes when believers join together in agreement in prayer concerning a burden.

As you prayerwalk, you can join others in specific intercession for people and their needs, agreeing that God’s power and blessing has to be released into this situation. Agreeing in prayer is the desperate and united plea of believers who have been joined together by a common burden. It is the plea that the power of Jesus Christ, who is in their midst, might flow into and bring change in the situation (Matthew 18:19-20).

Believers join in agreement and faith, pleading that the power of Jesus Christ will bring about the necessary changes. It is the desperate dependence on Jesus Christ to transform lives and situations, being expressed in prayer and faith.

When you walk a street or road or stand in front of a building, you are confronted by the needs. You come to a clear understanding of what is needed. You see the problem with clearer vision. For this reason, it becomes easier to share the same concern and the same level of intensity.


Prayer-walking can give sharper focus and intensity to the agreement of believers in prayer.

Prayer-walking will enable you to pray specific, pointed prayers.
You will begin to see needs and opportunities that are around you. This will enable you to make razor-sharp requests of the Lord. You will be
praying for specific families with names and faces. You will be praying for specific places and needs.


This will generate more power and certainty to your prayers. As you walk, your perception is heightened and your prayers can be far more directed by the Holy Spirit of God.





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