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We Pause for a Commercial Break by Kevin Dunn

Written and posted on March 15, 2012

Here is just a short quip to help lighten the load for Alex Jones listeners.

Perhaps it would be helpful if people thought of Alex "the Drama Queen" Jones in a different way as they are listening to his daily diatribes. Instead of getting sucked into his vortex of gloom and doom and non-stop drama, think of him as the pesky TV commercial spokesperson with an ATTITUDE. Here, let's imagine a commercial about dogs with fleas.

ALRIGHT!!!! LISTEN UP ALL OF YOU TRENDY, LIBERAL, sandal wearing, Cappuccino slurping, dog owners. Your four-legged poop factory named "Fluffy" has fleas and it's high time that you "TAKE ACTION" and I mean NOW!!!! I've studied fleas for decades and I TOLD YOU 5 years ago that this would happen. I told you 1 year ago! I told you 6 months ago!!! I TOLD YOU that the Globalists and the Bankers are responsible and NOW LOOK.... "Fluffy" has the fleas that I warned you about!!! I want you to "TAKE ACTION". Tell your neighbors, tell your friends, get this message OUT THERE to EVERYBODY. Make this message go VIRAL!!!

The moron police K-9 units are going to SWAT team your home if you don't "TAKE ACTION NOW"!!! If there is one thing that they hate more than the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights, it's sandal wearing Yuppies with flea bitten dogs. This is a RED ALERT!!!

We have a video about Fleas at our website. Get it now. Make copies. Give them to everybody. "TAKE ACTION".

Commercial fades out.....



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