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Warning Table of Contents:

The  Approaching 1930's Style Depression - Prepare NOW
written & posted August 11, 2007

God, Guts. Guns, Groceries And Gold: Christians SHOULD bear arms

The Veil is Lifting in all Realms - prophetic events September 2014


Signs Of Change Aug/Sept 2014 | Flood Of Extremes


The Holodomor - Ukrainian Genocide - Coming to America



Earth on the cusp of destruction - extreme weather events 2014


Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So 2014


The Nearness of the Hour - PROPHETIC EVENTS MAY 2014


Beginning of Sorrows: Earthquakes in the US & World

The PROPHECY of 1973 HAPPENING NOW: The Church That Comes Out of the Beast David Wilkerson


NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS - Psychiatry is a Lucrative Scam


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