The Promise Of Christ

The only bright spot in the entire chapter of Genesis 3 is the promise of the coming Redeemer who would crush the power of Satan (Genesis 3:15).
Note how this was fulfilled in Jesus Christ:

Sin Brought...              Fulfilled In Jesus...
Travail                         Jesus entered into travail for us. (Isaiah 53:11)
Subjection                    He was made subject to the law that He might                                    redeem us from the law. (Galatians 4:4)
Thorns                         He was crowned with thorns for us. (Matthew 27:29)
Sweat                          Jesus sweat great drops of blood for us. (Luke 22:44)
Sorrow                         Surely, He bore our sorrows. (Isaiah 53:4-5)
Death                          He brought eternal life. (John 3:16)


Jesus bore every penalty for sin. Through His life, death, and resurrection, the head (power) of Satan was crushed.

The Beginning And The End

The book of Revelation provides interesting contrasts between the beginning and end. Read Revelation chapters 21 and 22 which describe the final days of time and the new heaven and earth God has planned for His people. On the following summary, observe the contrasts where every penalty resulting from sin is eliminated:


Genesis                                           Revelation
Paradise closed                                 Paradise Opened
3:23                                                21:25
Dispossession through sin                  Repossession through grace
3:24                                                21:24
Curse imposed                                  Curse removed
3:17                                                 22:3
Access to tree denied                         Access permitted
3:24                                                 22:14
Beginning of sorrow, death                  Ending of sorrow, death
3:16-19                                            21:4
Garden defiled                                   No defilement
3:5-7                                                21:27
Man's dominion broken                        Dominion restored
3:19                                                 22:5
Evil triumphs                                     Good triumphs
3:13                                                 20:10
Walk of God with man interrupted         Relationship resumed
3:8-10                                              21:3

Although the fall into sin was a sad moment in history, the future is one of joyful anticipation through Jesus Christ.


Further Study

Continue your study of contrasts between the beginning and the end of the world by using the following chart to study Revelation 20-22.

The Beginning                                       The Ending
Genesis 1-3                                           Revelation 20-22
God creates the Heaven and earth 1:1       A new Heaven and earth 21:1
Let there be light 1:3-5                           No need of light 21:23; 22:5
Waters called sea 1:10                           No more sea 21:1
No access to the tree of life: 2:8-9           Access to tree of life 22:2
River out of Eden 2:10                            River of life 22:1
Death from a tree 2:17                           Life from a tree 22:2
Curse instituted 3:17                              No more curse 22:3
Pain 3:17                                              No more pain 21:4
Entrance shut 3:24                                 Gate not shut 21:25
Alienated from God’s presence 3:8            Eternally in God’s presence 20:12
Death instituted 2:17                              Death banished 20:14
Devil deceives 3:4-6                               Devil cannot deceive 20:3
Devil loose to do evil 3:4-6                      Devil bound 20:3
Sorrow 3:17                                           No more sorrow 21:4
Creative power of God 1:1                       Destructive power 20:9
It is begun 1:1                                       It is finished 21:6






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