Putin's Ultimatum

July 11, 2014 — Either EU, US and Ukraine immediately accept Russia's conditions and begin to implement Russian FM initiatives, or, Russia will:

Cancel all industrial orders in Ukraine. Ukraine's losses would be $15 billion per annum.

Close its borders to Ukrainian products and those transiting thru Ukraine.
Shut off gas to Ukraine.

Require that Ukraine cover its $16.6 billion debt.

No longer guarantee gas deliveries to EU for the coming Fall/Winter, until the debt is paid.


Read More: http://novorus.info/news/policy/24995-vot-i-finish-ultimatum-putina-evrope-i-ukraine.html


The New World Order control tactics and "squeeze" to bring compliance through destruction and economic deprivation are very evident in the ultimatum above.



Putin is playing his role and part according to the script of the New World Order Agenda.


These tactics are coming to America soon. They will be used to oppress, control and bring the population in to compliance (those who survive).



It is all part of the New World Order tactics to create a crisis, destroy and re-build as they implement their plans for One World government, One World economy, One World religion and the arrival of the Antichrist - dead Pope John Paul II.




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