Published on Mar 26, 2013

"Up till now information about the Fema camps went on a stand still. Untill massive movements tanks and military vehicles had been reported moving across the US.
On top of this all camps are now fully staffed.

This video is very graphic regarding the contents of photos. And it needs to be like that. The time for being wrapped up in cotton wool is over for a lot of people from all walks of life. Even the elites will be no better off at the end of it all and that includes those that had there hand in all of this. Those that have experianced these camps already know what they are like and the conditions.

We do not know what how or what will bring about this captivity about yet. But when it hits it wil hit fast. All forms communication will be stopped and that includes the internet for the most part of the US. As for other western nations they to will be under lock and key apart from the EU, South america, Africa, Russia and the east."


If you think that underground bases are not true well it will be all above ground when the camps are in full operation. Not only that some of the camps link up to the underground bases anyhow for the movement of Human cargo."